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Month: September, 2011

sharon montrose

i was so excited to see that sharon montrose had more animal prints in her collection. i missed the boat on her sales from 20×20, but fab had a lovely little sale + i snagged the piglet, porcupine + raccoon!


latest floral

watercolor on paper, printed on cotton voile

found on etsy, useful @ pomegranate


vintage printer tray

brush + woodcut tool storage

valances, vintage trim


PAPERMAG: Arts and Style

PAPERMAG: Arts and Style – Boys To Men.


letterpress poster print

we just signed up for fab.com (a bit like gilt but maybe a bit lower brow and more artisan-based), and this letterpress poster is a must-have. not crazy about a black frame, so we’ll have Mrs Lim from A+Z Art & Frame float it in a nice, natural , mattless frame.