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Month: January, 2012

new pattern, art deco

I finally made some time to do a new pattern. Between 1913 & 1932 in Paris, pochoir emerged, as did the gorgeous Art Deco designs. This one is a 4-color Pentel on vellum.


up our alley

Gasoline Alley is a new coffee joint around the corner from my office, as well as the next door neighbor to our friends @ Save Khaki + Save Haven. They really do make the best coffee around, in my opinion, and I once overheard one barista asking the other to check the temperature of the steamed milk. Details.

It seems as though they put that same love into the design of their modest space. Minimal, simple, tasteful, yet warm. It’s the kind of joint that makes you appreciate the surroundings without overpowering the beauty of their coffee.

via s africa

Proof, that packaging counts. I love this wine, but originally chose it because the label design caught my eye.


office entropy : reverse pt 2

The best way to re-invent an office like this one, is to just gut everything out and start all over. Which is exactly what we did. Every file, box, table, shelf, hook, nook and cranny was removed and placed in the loft next door. Then it was time to pour over more ideas and begin to draw up some plans that would utilize the space more efficiently, and pleasantly.

west wall: half of the content has been removed, yet it still looks cluttered & disorganized...

everything out of the office, to be re-organized elsewhere...

everything out. OUT.

Just opening up one wall already makes it seem cleaner; more spacious. So what better excuse is there to re-paint? Exactly. A full weekend painting; that’s how we roll…

A few beers inspired us to paint a pendant lamp by hand. Literally.

It’s all about the inspiration, though. If you lose motivation, you just stop. This office renovation has been a stop & go process, for the last 5 years, and this is the chance to change that for good. So in keeping with the motivational mood, some more aesthetically pleasing office images.

wire magazine rack

cute idea, though not right for our project. chalkboard office storage!

if you can't beat the clutter, HIDE IT. great wall cabinets from Ikea

neighborhood adoration

I’m adding my friends of Adore Floral to my links page. Jack + Chiyomi have a beautiful flower shop around the corner, and they take pride in every arrangement & custom terrarium with care + detail.  I use them all the time, for events , home + friends…and now , the renovated office.

custom terrariums

office + house greens


the office (still going…)

There’s no good reason an office has to be anymore mundane than need be. So can someone tell me why every office supply company sells the ugliest desk accessories?  There are 14 various types of tape dispensers; each one more ghastly than the next, and you’re given the color option of black, or black. I’m keeping an eye on the duo UK designer Michael Sodeau + Japanese company Suikosha. I haven’t seen anything like this in the States, and this product line is currently only available in the UK, but I’m crossing my fingers that this product line grows + someday finds its way into the drab aisles of Staples everywhere.

stapler, anything-design.comtri-fabulous. ruler, set square + protractor; anything-design.com

tri-fabulous : ruler, set square + protractor set

japanese washi paper

office entropy : more motivational ideas

monochromatic storage is easy on the eyes

muji: by far the most aesthetically pleasing + economical approach to organization


office entropy: reverse pt.1

This latest project is not an easy one. A downtown NYC office with great (but inefficiently utilized ) space, combined with 30 years of archives & constant influx of people and projects – is in dire need of help. We’ve set up a list of needs and priorities, approved a budget, and took some “before” photos.

If, dear reader, you feel yourself reaching for a bottle of Valium after viewing the images above – take a breath and count to ten. We’ve remedied your stinging eyeballs with a few motivational images we’re collecting for this project.

work clean, think clean

if you can't beat it, hide it. open shelving + monochromatic storage

pomegranate workshop on Remodelista

Thanks Remodelista, for the Save Haven post! Here are some added photos that didn’t make the post, but show some great elements of the store.

great glass display cabinets

Great for the collection of taxidermy & oddities. On sale @ velocityartanddesign.com