the office (still going…)

by miye

There’s no good reason an office has to be anymore mundane than need be. So can someone tell me why every office supply company sells the ugliest desk accessories?  There are 14 various types of tape dispensers; each one more ghastly than the next, and you’re given the color option of black, or black. I’m keeping an eye on the duo UK designer Michael Sodeau + Japanese company Suikosha. I haven’t seen anything like this in the States, and this product line is currently only available in the UK, but I’m crossing my fingers that this product line grows + someday finds its way into the drab aisles of Staples everywhere.

stapler, anything-design.comtri-fabulous. ruler, set square + protractor;

tri-fabulous : ruler, set square + protractor set

japanese washi paper