office entropy : reverse pt 2

by miye

The best way to re-invent an office like this one, is to just gut everything out and start all over. Which is exactly what we did. Every file, box, table, shelf, hook, nook and cranny was removed and placed in the loft next door. Then it was time to pour over more ideas and begin to draw up some plans that would utilize the space more efficiently, and pleasantly.

west wall: half of the content has been removed, yet it still looks cluttered & disorganized...

everything out of the office, to be re-organized elsewhere...

everything out. OUT.

Just opening up one wall already makes it seem cleaner; more spacious. So what better excuse is there to re-paint? Exactly. A full weekend painting; that’s how we roll…

A few beers inspired us to paint a pendant lamp by hand. Literally.

It’s all about the inspiration, though. If you lose motivation, you just stop. This office renovation has been a stop & go process, for the last 5 years, and this is the chance to change that for good. So in keeping with the motivational mood, some more aesthetically pleasing office images.

wire magazine rack

cute idea, though not right for our project. chalkboard office storage!

if you can't beat the clutter, HIDE IT. great wall cabinets from Ikea