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Month: February, 2012

home sweet home






finally, fun carry-ons.

LV Damier bags are fine and all, but I find them a bit conservative and stuffy. Not to mention, a bit embarrassing when the woman in leopard print tights and hot pink lipstick with poodle in-tow is reaching for the same bag as it slides down the belt at baggage claim. I’m kidding. I don’t own Damier luggage.

Globe-Trotters are probably still my aesthetically favorite, but it’s not the best choice for my size, as they’re clumsy and heavy. Hideo Wakamatsu has a great line of luggage with a rainbow of colors + good choice of styles. Personally I like the bright jelly-bean colors, like the orange one below….but if your taste is more conservative, there’s plenty ‘o options to go around for you jet-setters or business superheroes alike. This carry-on is under 7lbs + has a 360 degree swivel. As if I need more reason to horse around in the security lines.

new fabric

upholstery-weight cotton twill. repeat pattern printed from oil pastel on paper



no, not the oil company, silly.

I don’t know what it is, but there’s something that innately draws me towards the chevron pattern. This month’s World of Interiors cover has an amazing chevron tiled floor on the cover. Some more chevron photos below…

March 2012 World of Interiors

World of Interiors, March 2012

Roost design on chevron tiling...

cherry & ivory chevron


3d Chevron tiles by Kristina Gerig

chevron patterned linoleum floorcloth




@ The Hole 312 Bowery. Congratulations to an amazing artist, hairdresser, friend & person…

tangerine tango

Congratulations to Tangerine Tango as being dubbed by Pantone as color of the year.

It’s always been one of my favorite colors, though I’ve always called it “Mandarin Red “. It’s a rich red-orange, that’s vibrant and yet more subdued than a fiery bright orange.


world of interiors nov. 2006

hand-painted peacock pillow

screen-printed throw pillow

saarinen knoll ottoman

PODs planter

letterpress memopad

coffee table journal

pomegranate workshop wallpaper

ikat accent pillows

iPhone 4/4S cover

do the hoki poki

Inspired by old Danish sewing tables, Poki is a line of functional + stylish storage. The textile “drawer” has a great texture + it comes in an array of rich colors. halloessen is a design collective based in Germany; keep an eye out for this duo…

fresh, functional storage

Poki : Holm Giessler + Jennifer Heimann